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Ideal for offices, conference rooms, maintenance areas, laundry rooms and more

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DOREX F425T electronic lever locksets are 3-in-1 locks that allow users to access an area using a physical key, access code or RFID token for maximum flexibility.

    • For doors 1-3⁄8 to 2″ (35 to 51 mm) thick
    • Non-handed
    • Adjustable 2-3⁄8″ or 2-3⁄4″ (60 mm or 70 mm) backset
    • Zinc alloy deadlatch, 1⁄2″ (12.7mm) throw
    • Fits standard door preparations for cylinder and/or tubular locks; no additional holes or wiring required
    • 5-pin Schlage “C” brass cylinder (2 keys), Other keying options available
    • Digital touch keypad, blue LED back-light


  • 2 RFID cards included


Electronic Features:


  • 50 individual user codes available: 25 programmable codes (4-8 digits), 25 RFID tokens
  • 4 renewable single use codes
  • Auto Lock with delay
  • Vacation Mode (disables keypad)
  • Optional random screen keypad activation
    code to prevent number probing
  • Double authorization mode (requiring user code + RFID token) for additional security
  • Easy to program and pair RFID keys
  • Power: DC 6V