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Designed for use with Adams Rite deadlatches or cylindrical locksets.

Series: AD7100, AD7101, AD7110, AD7111, AD7130, AD7131, AD7140

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Remote electrical control of any door equipped with an Adams Rite 4500, 4700 (discontinued), or 4900 Deadlatch or cylindrical lockset with 1/2″ [12.7 mm] to 5/8″[15.9 mm] latchbolt projection. Electrical actuation unlocks the keeper, releasing the latchbolt so the door may be opened without operating the latch itself.

  • Stainless steel bolt retaining keeper
  • For use in aluminum, hollow metal, or wood applications
  • Available in a variety of architechtural faceplate finishes
  • Available in 12, 16, or 24 Volt AC and DC. DC continuous units are silent, AC intermittent units “buzz” on operation
  • Current draw: 0.33A at 12 VDC, 1.42A at 12 VAC; 0.22A at 16 VDC, 0.63A at 16 VAC; and 0.17A at 24 VDC, 0.74A at 24 VAC
  • Fail Safe/Fail Secure: Field selectable at time of installation. However, AC intermittent solenoid must not be used continuously in either
  • Standard package: individually boxed with mounting screws, mounting clips, adhesive shims to accommodate jamb or stile extrusion thickness greater than or less than nominal 3.2mm (1/8″)
  • Shipping weight 0.91 kg (2 lbs)