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Greater convenience than flip-lever flushbolts

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Used instead of flip-lever flushbolts in the inactive leaf of paired doors, the MS1880 Two-Point Flushbolts offer greater convenience: one operation instead of two.They also promote security by removing an element of human error. A positive blocking device makes it impossible to turn the key in the active door unless the inactive leaf has first been secured. The MS1880 must be installed in conjunction with a pivoted bolt MS® deadlock. Cannot be unlocked when pivoted bolt is inlocked position. Not to be used as a standalone locking mechanism.

  • Stainless steel header/threhold bolt
  • Houglass-shaped turn for firmer finger grip. Red backgroudn indicator has aluminum letters reading “LOCKED” when secure
  • Standard package: individually boxed with bolt guides and screws
  • Shipping weight: 0.91 kg (2 lbs)