Add aesthetics and finish to strike cutouts

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The majority of Adams Rite MS® deadlocks are installed in aluminum construction where the strike cutout can be simply a slot in the jamb. However, for aesthetic reasons or in the case of the MS4002 for added security, many who specify an MS® deadlock add one of these strikes.

Note: Specify flat or radius shape of trim plate, compatible deadlock, and square or round corners when ordering.

4000 Trim Strike

  • Surface mounted or mortised flush in hollow metal or wood applications
  • Made of aluminum

4001 Box Strike

  • Similar to 4000 Strike but with dust box added
  • Customarily used only for wood construction

MS4003 Strike

  • Steel doubler designed to prevent “jamb peeling” forced entry
  • Flat for single doors, radiused for pairs of doors
  • May be used with 2-point and 3-point MS deadlocks, in cluding hookbolt version
  • Armored strike is unhanded

4003 ANSI Strike

  • For use with the MS1850SN deadlock

4005 Threshold Strike

  • For drop-bolt types like 4015 Threshold bolt or 4016 Header bolt in non-metal installations such as wood or concrete

4006 Floor Strike

  • Similar to 4001 Box Strike, a trim plate with dust box added for strike slot cut into metal thresholds. For use with the 1830 Bottom Rail deadlock