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Designed for greater key control

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Designed for use instead of conventional flip-lever operated flushbolts, 1877 Cylinder-Operated Flushbolts give building management key control of the inactive leaf of paired wood doors. Prevents casual locking of the inactive leaf by unauthorized persons. Uses same basic over-center action mechanism as MS® pivoted bolt deadlocks. Recommended for installation at both top and bottom of inactive door with MS1837 MS Two-Point Deadlock in active door for greatest security. May be installed to lock at threshold or at header.

  • Steel case with corrosion-resistant plating
  • Stainless steel hexagonal bolt
  • Standard package: Flushlock mechanism boxed with actuator arm attached, rod/bolt assembly unattached, stainless steel bolt guide, and mounting screws. Cylinder available separately
  • Shipping weight: 0.91 kg (2 lbs)