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Top-of-door third locking point for door pairs

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Designed to add a top-of-door third locking point for pairs of doors when used in conjunction with a pivoted bolt MS® deadlock and 4015 Threshold Bolt in the active leaf. The 4085 Header Bolt is mounted in the inactive leaf. This additional bolt, triggered bythe pivoted MS® bolt, expands in a scissor-like action to center itself in its strike as it rises.

Can be added to MS1850s, MS1850SN, MS1950 series deadlocks

  • Minor adjustment of rod length is made by turning nylon rod end
  • Not applicable to 22.2mm (7/8″) backset locks
  • Standard package: packed separately with rod guide, screws, and header strike
  • Shipping weight: 0.45 kg (1 lb)