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Ergonomically friendly alternative to a knob or lever handle

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An alternative to knob or lever handles. Makes opening a latched door as natural as opening an unlatched one – just push or pull in the direction in which the door swings. Compatible with any Adams Rite 4300, 4500 or 4900 Series Deadlatch, MS+1890 Deadlock/Deadlatch, or 2190/2290 Interconnected Deadbolt/ Deadlatch.

  • Extruded aluminum paddle
  • Zinc alloy escutcheon resists torque loads in any direction
  • Cam plug furnished for use with 4300, 4500, and 4900 series deadlatches(Not for use with MS+1890 Deadlock/deadlatch or 2190/2290)
  • Monitor switches: 4591M: paddle without latch drive mechanism but with switch that can be wired to make or break a low voltage circuit.
    4591MA: paddle with latch drive mechanism, complete active paddle with switch.
    91-0914 Kit: adds monitor switch function to 4591 Paddle for “push” only version
  • Paddle Dogging: “Push” versions only. Turning hex key in excutcheon holds the daddle down, leaving door free swinging. Dogging key provided
  • Standard package: individually boxed with mounting hardware
  • Shipping weight: 0.68 kg (1-1/2 lbs)