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Medium strength padlock designed to handle harsh weather conditions


The Abloy PLL330T padlock is durable and long lasting thanks to its superior and precision manufacturing. Designed to handle harsh weather conditions. Ideal for applications such as: storage doors, gates, power station switches, trailers, and motorcycles.


  • Body: brass with bright chrome plating
  • Shackle height: 25mm or 50mm
  • Shackle material available in case hardened boron steel, stainless steel or brass
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Protec2 CLIQ key system
  • Cylinder memory: 1800 authorized key groups, audit trail of last 2000 events, list of 3000 denied keys, audit trail of last 20 events from keys in other systems
  • Certified EN 12320 grade 3, SSFN014 grade 2
  • 1 year warranty