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Key management system

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Traka L-Touch is a sophisticated key management system, operating as a standalone solution that requires no IT network or server to manage the database. Alternatively, it can be networked with our enterprise TrakaWeb solution.


  • Keys readily available 24/7
  • Access by authorized users only
  • 7″ touch screen
  • Full audit trail of all users and key transactions
  • 10-180 (360 double density). Extension cabinets allow up to 540 keys
  • 16,000 users per system
  • Easy access via PIN code, card reader, and biometric fingerprint reader
  • Soft close-down with no data loss in the event of long term power failure
  • Can operate entirely independently of your IT system
  • Standalone plug and play system
  • No network, PC or exernal connection required
  • Full network capability and management via TrakaWeb enterprise software
  • USB port for import/export of reports via memory stick
  • Automatic data backup to removable SD card
  • Ethernet (AES-256 encryption optional), wireless ethernet, GPRS, RS485, RS232, modem communications
  • Reader interface: Wiegand, clock/data ABA Tk2, RS232, TTL, Wiegand Anti passback, PIN only
  • Alarm interface: 3x1A/24V relay contacts for connecting to alarms, access control systems, CCTV, etc
  • 30W max power consumption
  • Power input AC100-240V, DC15V output
  • Battery backup: DC12V 3.2Ah (24 hours)